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To produce a easy piece of clean inked line artwork from a finalised pencil cartoon be you an illustrator, graphic dressmaker or widespread artist I have discovered the firstclass method of manufacturing apiece was thru use of a mild box.
This easy to construct device produces advanced looking paintings over inking a pencilled piece and doing away with the pencil lines with an eraser.
In my profession as a freelance illustrator I have discovered this piece of kit priceless, samples of my paintings created on a light field can be visible in my business gallery positioned here.
Light boxes perhaps purchased from artist retailers however can effortlessly be built bye oneself to make exceptionally affordably a superior product to the size you paintings excellent with, be it a small light field for paintings on A5 pix to an A2 sized board.
The size should rely on your preferred working range; the box ideal have to be a paper size larger to let you freely pass your work across the surface.